The US accuses three Koreans of $1.4 online theft

US intelligence has named three North Koreans for attempting to steal from various public and private institutions. The accused have not yet been arrested, but have been identified as intelligence officers of North Korea. 

North Korean intelligence officers accused of online crimes 

The US has recently charged three North Koreas for attempting to steal more than $1.4 billion from various US Financial institutions. The Koreans have also been accused of using phishing software to hack various cryptocurrency programs. Another person of Canadian origin has also been charged with financial laundering and advanced fee fraud. 

These men were also charged with being part of a cyberattack of the wannacry in 2018 which damaged Britain's health computer systems on a large scale. The Deputy Attorney General of the National Defense, Mr. John Demers has said North Korea is now a haven for cyber-criminals and syndicated who are engaging in hacking. 

One of those accused, Park Jin Hyok, is on the watch list of the FBI as he has been previously accused of participating in the 2015 hacking of Sony Pictures. Mr. Park, Jon Chang Hyok, and Kim II have been charged with conspiracy to commit fraudulent acts, financial misappropriation, and internet fraud. 

Difficulty extraditing them due to North Korean refusal 

The US Justice Department has revealed that all accused are working for the North Korea intelligence unit, the Reconnaissance General.

 '' Koreans have chosen to use keyboards instead of guns to pilfer digital currency. They are one of the most-sort criminals globally.'' 

The accused is believed to be somewhere in Pyongyang, but with North Korea's frosty relationship with the US, extradition is highly unlikely. The Canadian Ghaleb Alaumary is accused of being in charge of laundering funds for this group. However, after being detained and quizzed, he has pleaded guilty to the charges. 

The attack was believed was aimed at Sony pictures because of a film which showed where there was an assassination attempt on president Kim jin-un. The cyberattack cripples a kit of UK NHS services temporarily and dozens of computers were affected.