Princess Meghan claims victory against the ANL media

The Duchess of Sussex has won a case against another media platform. The case was about a public publication about a letter to her father. 

Megan Markle wins case against ANL 

The Duchess has said she was glad that her case against a publisher has been victorious. Meghan said this case proved that court is the hope of everyone. Princess Meghan took Associated Newspapers to court over a  post they made against her. 

The judge decided that Meghan expected her privacy to be maintained, which the media outlet failed to abide with. The ANL said they were not happy with the case's outcome and were surprised the judge could side with the princess. Judge Warby noted the claim that her privacy was intruded on was valid. 

However, he deferred further hearings on the case to match to know what the necessary steps to take are. Meghan, 38, sent a letter to her dad, Mr. Thomas Markle, after her marriage to the Duke of Sussex, which he refused to attend. 

Judge says ANL went overboard with the publication 

They now reside in the US after leaving their monarchy role. The judge ruled that by publishing such a private letter, ANL has gone overboard with such activities, which is very excessive.

 '' This letter is private and should have stayed that way.'' 

The letter talked about Meghan's feelings towards her dad and how she felt towards her for not attending her wedding. The judge also added that there is no chance the judge will be rescinded in the future. 

This isn't the first time that the princess will be having a clash with the media, as she has always accused the media of sexism towards her. The couple has always stayed away from the press and public eye. It is one of the reasons they abdicated their royal roles to live private lives.