Prince Philip hurriedly hospitalized after complaining of mild illness

It seems the Duke of Edinburgh is having some mild health challenges. He has been rushed to the hospital after feeling slightly sick on Wednesday. 

Prince Philip rushed to the hospital after complaining of illness 

The duke of Edinburgh, aged 99 has been admitted to a clinic on Tuesday after he felt slightly sick, according to a statement by Buckingham Palace. A chauffeur took him to King Edward hospital in London for observation purposes. According to a palace source, he was taken in an official vehicle and admitted based on medical advice. The prince has been having health challenges for some days, an illness that wasn't linked to COVID-19. 

It was reported that the duke who will celebrate 100 years by June 19 was in great condition and should remain in health review for some days. However, Queen Elizabeth, 95 stays at Windsor Castle and has talked to Admiral Tony Radakij on their work. Also, Prince Charles and his wife went about their official functions before talking to the queen in Birmingham. 

Palace says illness not related to COVID-19 

The palace has said both Prince Philip and the queen have been administered with the coronavirus vaccines by infections at the castle. The royals have been using the lockdown for a private business with a few households known as HMS Bubble.

They spent Christmas in their home at Berkshire instead of Norfolk. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has sent his warm regards to the prince as he scales through his observation in the hospital. When it pertains to health matters, the UK royal family is very secretive. However, they have come out to debunked insinuations that the prince is seriously ill.

A source said it wasn't anything serious and that it has been taken care of immediately. The prince has been going in and out of treatments in recent years and has done various operations according to advice.