Mr. Trump must be convicted to prevent another Capitol crisis - Democrats

During the final presentation at the trial of the former US President, democrats insist he has to be made an example. They said failure to do so would allow other government officers to misuse power. 

Trump must face punishment - Us Democrats 

House Democrats have perfected their argument against former president Trump's participation in the ill-fated Capitol crises. They have warned the public that if he was acquitted, this type of situation could repeat itself. 

The prosecutors on Thursday said many rioters admitted that the ex-president urged them to engage in violence at the US Capitol. Several Democrats also showed various witnesses from security agencies to corroborate the statements by the rioters.

 Mr. Trump's legal team will be allowed to present their defense on Friday. Early January, the house impeached the former president for the second time in history, labeling him a riot instigator. 

Trump legal counsel insists he has done nothing wrong 

However, earlier this week, President Trump's legal team has said that the president has the right to express himself if he deems the last election was full of malpractices.

How can they accuse him of inciting violence when all he did was say the election was a fraud? To convict Mr. Trump, they require Two-third in a house with equal numbers. However, it is very j likely that the ex-president will be sentenced as most Republicans are still backing him. If he is convicted, he could be stopped from participating in future US elections. 

The protests by President Trump supporters in Washington last month resulted in five fatalities and many seriously injured. During the trial, the footage showed how people stormed the capital and took the house by storm. According to Democrat Ted lieu,'' this impeachment process isn't about the past, it is about the future. We want to make sure that no public officer can invite the public to destroy towers all in the name of protest.''